Why choose us ?

Our vision

The Armenian Business Agency - A.B.A. - is a business community with strong values, where personal interest coexists with general interest, where we all encourage and inspire each other, help one another by sharing advice and knowledge, establish new contacts and open doors for each other. The power of the Armenian Business Agency is to connect people not only online, but in real life. Be and create real added value. The Armenian Business Agency operates on National and International levels in the sphere of business. The Agency’s doors are open to all businesses and investors. The world is our place and a fieldwork for everybody. Armenians have always lived and worked in open environments. Additionally, the Armenian Business Agency provides the means to assist with financing as needed thru the chosen investors worldwide.

Our Mission

Targeted networking and information sharing with the intent of developing new businesses and expending the established ones through the optimization of resources.
Dedicating this environment for new synergies and interactions between businessmen, investors and heads of companies worldwide, locally and globally.
Attracting and optimizing high value business projects in all aspects and stages, assisting with implementation and providing financial assistance if needed.

Our Commitment

Provide personalized contacts throughout the world as well as your home town. We have representatives in several locations all across the world.
We provide absolute secrecy in relations and proposed projects and we exclusively work in full transparency with each business person.
Ease of finding business partners around the world (suppliers, distributors, financiers, experts). Contacts with Armenian service providers, from Armenia and abroad for outsourcing.

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines explain what we do on the A.B.A. platform, what we expect from you as a member, and what we don't allow. These rules represent our Code of Ethics Policy, which we follow and expect you to follow while dealing with the A.B.A. and other A.B.A. members. If you suspect any of your fellow members are not abiding by our rules, please report them. We use your feedback to improve and evolve our standards, and we

Change the way you see Business

The Armenian Business Agency - A.B.A. - is a 21st century global networking platform. The assembly of entrepreneurs, business people and executives worldwide sharing a common vision.
The A.B.A. is the place where “I” becomes “We” and together in our area or worldwide we meet new people, discover new opportunities and reach our objectives.
The A.B.A. is open to all businesswomen and men, from almost all the countries of the world, who adhere to its principles.
In search of Excellency, the A.B.A. has one of the most innovative business platforms in the world, meeting the highest standards of business networking.
The A.B.A. also gives businesswomen and men the opportunity to share a social life with fellow business people in one’s own town or worldwide.
Join this objective oriented and friendly business community of CEOs, entrepreneurs, top managers and investors.
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Latest Projects
and Opportunities

Project start date
06 January 2023
Boat Stabilizer
May 06, 2022
Our company presents a Stabilizer which is an affordable and a reliable solution for boaters to stabilize their boats. As per statistics show, there are around 1.1 million pleasure boats in France and 12 thousand new registrations per year. However, one of the most important problems that they face is that there are no adequate options in the market which prevent rolling.
Call Us 3 months
Call Us 1200000$
Call Us 18 (ROI)
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Project start date
03 July 2022
Travel Agency
May 05, 2022
The Travel Agency provides a customized travel platform with a wide range of destinations and pricing, allowing customers to customize their own tours by changing the number of days, hotels and accommodations, and points of interest to suit their interests.
Call Us 5 months
Call Us 700000.00$
Call Us 9 (ROI)
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Projects or Enquiry Submission

If you are a business developer, a project owner or a product champion and wish to submit your project to the A.B.A., you are at the right place. Once your project is received, it will be analyzed by qualified experts in Europe, the USA or Russia and across the world. If necessary, you will be advised for the development of your project.
If you have any specific enquiry
searching for a contact or an information
a supplier or else
Submit your project
you can also
your enquiry here

Area Board Officers of the A.B.A

Managing Partner
Mahanoro - Madagascar
Managing Director
Harare - Zimbabwe
Managing Director
Cotonou - Benin
Corrientes - Argentina
Managing Director
Gabès - Tunisia
Our representatives are the beating heart of the network and are individuals that have substantial influence, experience and knowledge within their region and area of expertise.

Latest Members

SIGEST, Managing Director
Gondofon (Pty) Ltd, Chief Executive Officier
South Africa
Sprint Fund, Managing Director
Georgi Sabounjian sal, Managing Director
MY consulting, Chief Executive Officier
G Krown Inc, Managing Partner
United States
ConnectTo Communications, Chairman of the Board
United States
Globus Invest, President
Backes&Strauss, Chief Executive Officier
Al mashrek insurance and reinsurance, Chairman of the Board
Aram, Chief Executive Officier
Medical Research, President
Modd Events, Managing Partner
Biergarten Industrie, Managing Director
J in Zim, Managing Director
CT AH, President
CBF industries, President
MAR, Chief Executive Officier
Mode Hash, President

Partners and sponsors

Partner institutions contribute to the A.B.A.
Sponsor companies support the A.B.A.

How to join the A.B.A ?

To join the exclusive Armenian Business Agency elite group does not require important financial contribution. It is, however, imperative that by joining all members adhere to its philosophy of ethics, respect and seriousness.

Any business owner from any country, investor, entrepreneur and corporate executives are welcome to join us.

Watch how the Members’ interface Works

Dive into the world of the A.B.A. and discover how easy and direct is the way to reach out, communicate and cooperate with other members in your own city or throughout the world, online or in real life.
A dozen of features help you invite fellow members or all followers of the A.B.A. to any event you organize.
Receive a daily digest of international economic and business news dedicated to your own industry or any other industries by geographic area or globally.
Create your own group by area or by business sector and organize online or offline reunions.
Use text messaging or voice and video calls, one-to-one or by group, 100% secured.