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Our vision

The Armenian Business Agency - A.B.A. - is a business community with strong values, where personal interest coexists with general interest, where we all encourage and inspire each other, help one another by sharing advice and knowledge, establish new contacts and open doors for each other. The power of the Armenian Business Agency is to connect people not only online, but in real life. Be and create real added value. The Armenian Business Agency operates on National and International levels in the sphere of business. The Agency’s doors are open to all businesses and investors. The world is our place and a fieldwork for everybody. Armenians have always lived and worked in open environments. Additionally, the Armenian Business Agency provides the means to assist with financing as needed thru the chosen investors worldwide.

The A.B.A. has multiple solutions to assist all interested parties in many business categories. If your project meets necessary requirements, our team will assist objectively with its assessment to ensure a successful profitability of the project, its design and implementation, following a result oriented methodology. Selected project can be proposed relevant financing solutions thru the chosen investors, financial institutions and funds worldwide.
With the A.B.A.’s natural capital for a worldwide business network growing on a daily basis, we establish time-saving, topic-related and select relationships. Based on efficiency, our network will provide you the option over whom you meet and who meets you, where you meet them and how you create and develop partnerships for mutual benefits. With total control of executives of your choosing and mutually agreed location.
Our meetings are held in different set ups of your choosing; we could accommodate one on one or group meetings, environments whichever will produce higher profitability and higher success. Meetings can be organized in different countries and various formats. The A.B.A. is responsible of organizing the annual Armenian Business Forum in Paris that all members are invited to.

Our Mission

The Armenian Business Agency has created the right business environment for :

Targeted networking and information sharing with the intent of developing new businesses and expending the established ones through the optimization of resources.
Dedicating this environment for new synergies and interactions between businessmen, investors and heads of companies worldwide, locally and globally.
Attracting and optimizing high value business projects in all aspects and stages, assisting with implementation and providing financial assistance if needed.
Operating a permanent economic and analytic monitoring and propose by providing the best investment opportunities by geographical area in the world.
Permanently updating and enriching our worldwide business database by profile, by industry and by country.
Permanently updating and enriching our worldwide business database by profile, by industry and by country.

Our commitment

Provide personalized contacts throughout the world as well as your home town. We have representatives in several locations all across the world.
We provide absolute secrecy in relations and proposed projects and we exclusively work in full transparency with each business person.
Ease of finding business partners around the world (suppliers, distributors, financiers, experts). Contacts with Armenian service providers, from Armenia and abroad for outsourcing.

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines explain what we do on the A.B.A. platform, what we expect from you as a member, and what we don't allow. These rules represent our Code of Ethics Policy, which we follow and expect you to follow while dealing with the A.B.A. and other A.B.A. members. If you suspect any of your fellow members are not abiding by our rules, please report them. We use your feedback to improve and evolve our standards, and we collaborate with subject matter experts to update and educate our policies.

The A.B.A. is not a place for content or behavior that is hostile, explicit, deceptive or misleading, hurtful, hateful, or violent. Depending on how much harm it does, we may remove, limit, or block the distribution of such content, as well as the accounts, persons, groups, and domains that create or spread it. We're devoted to setting clear and honest expectations for you that are simple to comprehend and follow. Please contact us if you have any queries or encounter any issues while using The A.B.A. platform.

Exploitation and adult content. The A.B.A. is not a place where pornography is tolerated. We limit the dissemination of mature and explicit content or remove it entirely, including:
Fetish imagery
Vivid sexual descriptions
Graphic portrayals of sexual action
Images of nudity if the positions, camera angles, or props suggest pornographic intent.

We make every effort to distinguish between pornography and other mature material. For example, given the non-pornographic context, you can preserve content regarding sexual health, breastfeeding, mastectomies, art, education, and well-being with adult nudity, but we may limit its distribution so that people don't come across it accidently.

The A.B.A. is not a place where humans or animals are exploited. We'll take down or limit the distribution of content and accounts that engage in practices that put people or animals in danger, such as sexual, physical, or financial exploitation.

Misinformation and hateful behavior. Hateful content or those who encourage hateful behaviors have no place in the A.B.A. Misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information, as well as the individuals or groups distributing or creating it, have no place in the A.B.A. We limit the spread of such content and accounts, or we remove them entirely, including:
Stereotypes and caricatures that are negative
Propagation of xenophobic activities, prejudice, and conspiracies
Conspiracy theories and misinformation rooted on hatred, such as the Armenian Genocide Denial
Disregard for a person's gender identity or sexual orientation, as well as human rights
Mocking or assaulting the beliefs, sacred symbols
Fabricated or manipulative visual or auditory content
Manipulated pictures meant to demean or embarrass individuals, particularly public figures, based on their membership in a vulnerable or protected group.

Personal information is kept private. We don't allow personal or sensitive information to be revealed in our material.
Personal identification and passport information
Legal documents
Online login information (usernames and passwords)
Photos of private people that they don't want put online
Personal financial or medical histories
Please contact us if you come across any unwanted photos or information about yourself on the A.B.A. platform.
Actors and actions that are harmful. Content that shows, rationalizes, or advocates suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, or substance abuse is not permitted on the A.B.A. Graphic violence and threatening words have no place in the A.B.A.
Self-harm instructions
Suicidal thinking and quotes
Triggering imagery
Promotion of self-harm
Mockery of people who self-harm or who have attempted or died by suicide
Images of self-harming accessories
Negative self-talk and insensitive humor about self-harming behavior
Suicide pacts, challenges, and hoaxes
Terrorist organizations
Online gaming and lotteries
Fake documents
Privacy-infringing products or services
Financial exploitation
Dangerous items and behaviors are prohibited. The A.B.A. is not a place for hazardous, uncertified, or unlawful goods to be traded or sold.
Instructions for making harmful or hazardous chemicals, including 3D printed weapons
Instructions for making lethal weapons, such as bombs or grenades
Marijuana and marijuana-related goods sold commercially
Sexually explicit content
Self-harm content
Hateful actions
Harassment or privacy breaches
Copyright or trademark infringement
Irrelevant or non-purposeful material
Offers, attempts, or instructions to circumvent purchasing laws and regulations.

Intellectual property and other rights. To respect the rights of people on and off The A.B.A., please:
Don't infringe on anyone's intellectual property, privacy, or other rights, both on and off The A.B.A.
Do not do anything or post anything that is against the law or regulation.
Don't utilize The A.B.A.'s name or logo in a way that causes people to become confused.

Site access and security. To protect the A.B.A. platform, please:
Don't access, utilize, or tamper with our systems or the systems of our technical providers.
Do not test the vulnerability of our systems or networks by breaking or circumventing our security measures.
Don't try to reverse engineer our program by using any undocumented or unsupported way to access, search, scrape, download, or change any element of the A.B.A.

Site security and access. To protect the A.B.A. platform, please:
Don’t access, use or tamper with our systems or our technical providers’ systems.
Don’t use any undocumented or unsupported method to access, search, scrape, download or change any part of the A.B.A.
Don’t try to reverse engineer our software.
Do not attempt to disrupt people on The A.B.A., our hosts, or networks by transmitting a virus, overloading, spamming, or mail-bombing.
Without permission, do not acquire or retain personally identifiable information from the A.B.A. or people on the A.B.A.
Don't reveal your password, give anybody else access to your account, or do anything else that could jeopardize your account's security.

Spam. We want the A.B.A. to be of high quality and informative, thus we delete spam as soon as we notice it. On The A.B.A., we ask that you respect other members' privacy and refrain from spamming them. Our guidelines around spam are:
Don't generate or save anything that is repetitious, misleading, or irrelevant in an attempt to make money
Avoid linking to websites that are dangerous, fraudulent, untrustworthy, unoriginal, or that facilitate or encourage spam.
Don't send unsolicited messages repeatedly, especially if they're commercial or deceptive in nature.
Avoid making redundant or irrelevant remarks. Comments should be genuine and unique.
Don't have more than one account.

How to join the A.B.A ?

To join the exclusive Armenian Business Agency elite group does not require important financial contribution. It is, however, imperative that by joining all members adhere to its philosophy of ethics, respect and seriousness.

Any business owner from any country, investor, entrepreneur and corporate executives are welcome to join us.