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Present your Business Plan

Want to find an investor
to your Business proposal?

Prepare a Business plan

  • Executive Summary: To grab the reader's interest, write a summary of your business plan.
  • Company Overview: Describe your company and the industry in which it operates in detail.
  • Problem & Solution: What is the problem that your plan will solve, and how will it be solved?
  • Target Market: What is your target market's size and segmentation?
  • Competition: Describe your target market's competitors in detail, as well as your competitive advantage over them.
  • Product / Service: What is the benefit of your product or service to the buyer?
  • Marketing plan: Define your marketing budget, goals, and plan.
  • Timeline: Project the duration of each activity, as well as its description and finish date.
  • Financial Forecast & Sources of Funding: Forecasts on financial statements are used to describe expected growth and profit. What are the sources of funding this plan and how are they being allocated.
  • About the Project Holders: Your enterprises, expertise, experiences.

Why submit your Business plan on the A.B.A. platform?

If you are a business developer or a project owner and wish to submit your project to the A.B.A., you are at the right place. Once your project is received, it will be analyzed by our Executive Office. If necessary, you will be advised for the development of your project.

Submit your business plan

How to join the A.B.A ?

To join the exclusive Armenian Business Agency elite group does not require important financial contribution. It is, however, imperative that by joining all members adhere to its philosophy of ethics, respect and seriousness.

Any business owner from any country, investor, entrepreneur and corporate executives are welcome to join us.